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Dark Chocolate - 4oz Tin - 1 Wic - Black

Dark Chocolate - 4oz Tin - 1 Wic - Black

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Introducing our decadent handmade candle in the indulgent and irresistible fragrance of Dark Chocolate. This candle is meticulously crafted with the finest quality paraffin wax, ensuring a clean and even burn, and a long-lasting fragrance. Presented in a 4oz black tin, this candle is the perfect addition to your home decor, while the 3oz net weight candle allows you to indulge in the luxurious and mouth-watering scent of Dark Chocolate for hours on end.


Our Dark Chocolate candle boasts a unique and indulgent aroma that is perfect for adding a touch of luxury and indulgence to your space. Light it up during a romantic dinner, while taking a relaxing bath, or when enjoying a glass of wine, and let the warm and comforting scent of Dark Chocolate fill the air.

Our candle is expertly crafted to bring a touch of sophistication and indulgence to any space.


Experience the luxurious and irresistible scent of Dark Chocolate with our handmade candle, carefully crafted to transport you to a world of decadence and indulgence. Let the warm and soothing glow of our candle envelop you in its comforting embrace, and indulge in the irresistible fragrance of Dark Chocolate. Add our Dark Chocolate candle to your collection today, and elevate your home's ambiance with its exquisite and indulgent fragrance.

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