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Fei Banana & Ginger Lily - 12oz Jar - 1 Wick

Fei Banana & Ginger Lily - 12oz Jar - 1 Wick

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Introducing our hand-poured paraffin candle, Fei Banana & Ginger Lily. With its vibrant yellow wax and 12oz jar, this candle is sure to add a pop of color and fragrance to any room in your home.


The fragrance is a perfect blend of zesty and floral notes that will uplift your mood and make you feel refreshed. At the top, you'll notice the tropical scent of Fei banana leaves and Fei banana, which are perfectly balanced with the zesty burst of lemongrass, lemon, and orange.


As the candle burns, the scent evolves into a beautiful bouquet of ginger lily, carnations, and freesia, adding a delicate touch of florals to the mix. The base notes of heliotrope Florette, coconut, sandalwood, cedar leaf, tonka, and musk provide a fresh and green aroma that rounds off this fragrance perfectly.


Our Fei Banana & Ginger Lily candle is made with high-quality paraffin wax, ensuring a clean and even burn for up to 50 hours. The single wick design ensures that the candle burns evenly, providing a consistent scent throughout its lifespan.


Bring the vibrant and uplifting fragrance of Fei Banana & Ginger Lily into your home with our beautiful hand-poured paraffin candle. Perfect for a relaxing night in, a romantic evening, or as a thoughtful gift for someone special.

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