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Orchard Peach Preserve - Wax Melt

Orchard Peach Preserve - Wax Melt

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Experience the delectable fragrance of our hand-poured paraffin wax melt, Orchard Peach Preserve. This irresistible scent is now available in a convenient package of 6 cubes, each infused with a luscious blend of fruity and sweet notes.


The fragrance opens with a mouth-watering combination of apple pectin, red berry, strawberry, and tart pineapple that blends seamlessly with a citrusy mixture of bergamot and lemon zest. Fresh blackberries and Elberta peach provide a juicy and sweet aroma, while the base notes of raspberry, granulated sugar, and vanilla bean create a warm and comforting finish.


The pastel orange wax adds a touch of springtime charm to any space, and the 6-cube format makes it easy to enjoy this delightful scent for longer. Simply place one or two cubes into your favorite wax warmer, sit back, and relax as the irresistible fragrance fills the air.


Try Orchard Peach Preserve along with seven other amazing scents in our Spring Fragrance Explore Kit, and discover your new favorite fragrance. Indulge in the sweet and fruity aroma of Orchard Peach Preserve, and elevate the ambiance of your home with this captivating scent.

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